Pain and Infection

Have you ever felt such dull, sharp and piercing pain in the back that when it is there, it is as if you want to lay down on bed and sleep?If YES, have you ever thought of how to get rid of back pain?When your back is burdened, as in it always carries super heavy things or it’s overworked, your back muscles, joints, bones and nerves are affected as well.Back pain is a powerful ailment, not because it needs prompt medical intervention, but because it causes the experiencing person to be weak.Since we just seek treatment only when pain is already felt, it is very significant that you have to learn the different causes of back pain and the tips on how to avoid it.

At first, getting enough knowledge of back pain is necessary for us to know how to avoid it. It is senseless that we just simply know the different therapies of this ailment without knowing its occurrence, what are the causes why it occurs, and on how to get rid of back pain.Back pain is obviously a pain in the back involving significant portion of the body; It has mainly two types:

Acute and Chronic back pain

Acute and chronic only differs on the onset and duration of the pain.Acute back pain is the mild type which can be healed without treatment that lasts from days to weeks while chronic back pain is the exact opposite of acute because it always last for months and treatment is sometimes ineffective.

Here are the following triggering points of back pain:

Mechanical problems. This has something to do with the spinal movement and work load. It is usually related with aging because as one ages, their spine also degenerate causing its cushioning and protective ability to lose.
Injuries. Spine can be strained or fractured when there’s sudden twisting of the back, heavy lifting or falls.AS injuries happen, ligament will surely break down or tear apart.As such, when there is tearing, the spine cannot be supported completely and it causes chronic back pain. Diseases

-Osteoporosis. As one ages, the bones become brittle and breakable causing the spine to compress and back pain starts to happen.

-Osteoarthritis. This arthritis affects the hands, hips and of course, the lower back; and when this happens, narrowing of the space of the spine happens and so compression and pain are the two most complaints.

-Scoliosis. This is a curvature of the spine.When younger persons have this, the pain will not be felt until they reach mid-life.

-Pregnancy. During pregnancy, your back gets the most load as it can be pushed forward causing so much pain; this is so as a compensation of the growing baby inside the womb.


Infection. Infection such as osteomyelitis, an infection in the vertebrae causes a real big deal of back pain.
How to get rid of pain

To lift things, use your legs rather than your back.
Carry objects closer to your body.
When picking things on the floor, bend on knees and not on waist.
When you always stand for long hours as part of your work, have some foot stool for your foot to be rested one at a time.
When you sit for long hours, it is best that you have some time for a break from sitting to standing or from sitting to walking and make sure your chair has full back support.
Sleep with your back flat on bed with thick and firm mattress.
Learn to love exercise; just do some regular and tolerable exercise for 3-5 days for 30 minutes to 1 hour because it can strengthen your muscles at the back, thus it can fully support any load or burden that are placed on the back.

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